Fashion Blunders

• We all know wearing clothes that are not appropriate to our age can be one of the big if not, the biggest fashion faux pas. Shopping in the kids section isn’t cute. Know who you are, wear the clothes meant for your age and be proud of it.

• Yes, white is cool but there’s something else. While wearing white tops or bottoms make sure you wear a flesh color underwear. Wearing white will literally shine through making your ….err you know what, all the more obvious.

• It’s understood that a great pair of trousers is hot but with the belly and backside hanging out…well, not too appealing. Shapers are here to help you ! Get the one piece corset panties that manage bellies and hips. For great support, choose ones which provide maximum coverage.

• Wearing all accessories – scarves, earrings, belts, chains, shoes, handbags, hair bands, bangles, watches -you name it and it’s dazzling there! Do remember, it’s a big fashion faux pas. Keep up a clear balance with the accessories. Use them to augment your look. It’s always great to wear one key piece that stands out rather than numerous accessories at one go.

• The red shoes matches with the red handbag which matches with the red top which matches which the red earrings which matches with the red watch… aha! Well, doesn’t it seem a little eerie? It’s about putting pieces intelligently together to create an interesting look. Combine your attire and accessories to reflect a personal style that’s entirely your own.

• Low-rise pants are trendy, hot and super cool. But not so low to leave nothing to imagination. As the name suggests, underwear however appealing should remain under. Make use of belts to hold your pants in place and wear low -rise underwear that will not stick out.

• Visible panty lining isn’t cool. Well, there are special seam free underwear with compressed edges and high cut legs. Thongs and boy -short styles work well for a smooth silhouette. Likewise to create a neat silhouette on the top , it’s advisable to go for padded bras or nipple stick-ons that will overcome any such embarrassments.

The Dramatic Fashion Personality

Where did you get that?

The dramatic fashion personality is always out to make a statement with what she wears. She lets her clothes do the talking and likes it when someone asks her “where did you get that”? This tells her that she is doing something right and turning heads.

Unique fashion accessory

This drama queen seeks out the unique and the unusual fashion accessory and exotic designs. Unlike the classic fashion personality, her wardrobe is much diversified as she is a lateral thinker when it comes to fashion and thinks outside of the box. Her dress sense speaks to individuality as she dares to be different in her wardrobe selections.

Like the classic fashion personality she likes quality but with a bit of drama. Designer originals are therefore a wardrobe must have for the dramatic dresser. At the same time, while she loves fashion, she is not a label lover and does not buy designer for designer sake. She finds just as much appeal in quality none branded clothing that ticks all the boxes when it comes to drama. She has developed an eye for quality and drama when it comes to fashion accessories.

This fashion personality celebrates colour and the brighter the better. She is not afraid of bold prints preferring them to be abstract and unusual, geometrical even.

Statement and Chunky Jewellery

She craves architectural design and the exaggerated structural shapes in her fashion accessories. Her jewellery pieces are unusual to say the least and creative. Statement jewellery and chunky jewellery is a must have and she adores the adventure of tribal and ethnic jewellery as well as exotic jewellery. She is your Egyptian goddess and likes majestic jewellery like Cleopatra.

Handmade bags

Her designer original handbags are extensively embellished with stones, studs crochet detailing in hues of the same colour. She finds exotic appeal in goatskin bags and bags made of cow leather. While the Classic personality likes simple shapes, the dramatic fashion personality desires architectural flavour in her designs and goes for oval shaped handbags, triangular handbags; individually handcrafted and unique designs.

Je Suis Belle which means “I am beautiful”

Among others, she will wear designs from Budapest Fashion Designers, Dalma Dévényi and Tibi Kiss of Je Suis Belle whose designs while playful, feminine and graceful speaks to self confidence, originality and quality.

She is your Samantha Jones from “Sex and the City” played by Kim Cattrall who needs to turn heads when she walks down the street.